£300 (1 to 5 passengers) for 4 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

These are my personal highlights of this great city to be included in your black taxi tour of London. We take in legendary attractions for which London is world famous.

The tour is delivered with informative commentary of the sights of London. Plenty of photograph opportunities are planned into the schedule, with short strolls included to get a full flavour of the sights. Relax and absorb the atmosphere of the vibrant city from the safety and security of a traditional black London taxi.

Harry Potter Experience

£300 (1 to 5 passengers) for 4 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

Bring your wand and spell book for this London black taxi tour of Harry Potter filming locations. See the gas lit narrow streets and alleyways that Harry and his wizarding friends visited on location in London.


Feel part of the action with photos outside Gringotts Bank or the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron. Visit the inspiration for Diagon Alley ('It's off Charing Cross Road') or enter the Ministry of Magic in Whitehall. The list of locations is endless.

£300 (1 to 5 passengers) for 4 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

London of the 1960s was electric, exhilarating and era-defining: trust me, I was there! I'd love to share with you the iconic places of that incredible decade, where the Fab Four and other stars lived, hung-out and recorded.

£300 (1 to 5 passengers) for 4 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

On the West End Theatre Tour, together we shall trace the history of London’s illustrious theatre from Medieval London right up to the Twenty-First century.  We’ll take a look at what makes London’s stage the most vibrant in the world, experiencing the theatres, architecture, performers, playwrights and spirits of Theatreland and beyond!

£300 (1 to 5 passengers) for 4 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

Follow in the footsteps of immigrants to London through the ages, charting their progress from new arrivals to integrated figures in British life. The primary focus of this experience is the arrival and integration of Jewish people and their influence on British culture, food and society.

£480 (1 to 5 passengers) for approximately 7 hours

The Royal Windsor tour is a full day of discovery. From the safety and security of a traditional London black taxi, intrepid travellers are guided through Britain's splendid royal history. Including Runnymede, the site of the sealing the Magna Carta, Harry and Megan's wedding venue, St. George's chapel, stopping off at John F. Kennedy's memorial and the iconic Windsor Castle along the way - the Royal Windsor Experience is an insight into Britain's history not be missed.

Capital Royal London Tour

£240 (for 1 to 5 passengers) from 3 hours (can be extended for £60 per additional hour)

This tour is ideal if you are limited in time and want to discover the splendour of London's monarchy, palaces and heritage. No wonder so many blockbuster movies and television series are based and filmed on location in this part of London - from James Bond 007 to Harry Potter.

To optimise your private black taxi tour of London, we will visit many of the iconic landmarks plus some of the well hidden secrets London has to offer. There will be full explanations, plenty of photo opportunities and facts to share with your friends.

Capital Grand Tour

£480 (1 to 5 passengers) for a whole day

All the Capital Highlights PLUS:

  • a combination taxi & walking tour with options to include:

    • Smithfield Market

    • Clerkenwell

    • Museum of London

    • Kensington

    • Greenwich

£240 from minimum 3 hours - £60 for each additional hour

If you would like a personal driver and tour guide to deliver you to the famous emporiums of London, this is the option for you. The taxi can serve as your safe bag depository so that you can shop, browse and do lunch at your leisure.

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